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In this era of modernization, also an act of wearing a hijab that’s normally considered backward and old by western media has seemingly been inclined towards trend. Consequently, nowadays we discover aspects and various styles of wearing hijab personalized in different nations to various mode of vogue. This informative article will highlight on 5 most popular styles of wearing hijabs articulated after an extensive study on hijabs online:

First Technique

This technique implies putting a pashmina shawl within the header in a way that one side is more in total than the other side. You will then have to fold straight back the both factors behind your neck and pin them together by safety pin. Be sure that you simply flag in ways that the entrance of the headband does not look cluttered and tough. The longer edge of the headband has to be stored under the face taking it all the strategy to another side. The hijab ensure again that top portion of your scarf does not have creases and must not appear uneven around your shoulders. You can then pin another edge of the hijab around under the throat when you’re satisfied with tidiness of your hijab.

Hijab Shop

2Nd Technique

This technique is not quite dissimilar compared to the method except that the probability of designs and neatness in appearance is more in here mentioned above. The big difference is the area of top piece. In this approach you should pin the primary piece of your hijab on back of your mind as opposed to front.

Next Technique

This can be only one of the most popular methods for wearing the hijab. There’s broad class of online shops that are accessible in different online hijabs and retailers in quite affordable prices. It’s possible for you to use those hijab and utilize this third technique to get a modern-style. This method again indicates placing the Pashmina shawl on the brain with shorter that is additional and a single side-long. The scarf must be folded behind the the top using its surrounded being pinned together at nape of the neck. Here make sure the front part of the scarf is without any creases. The longer border of the headscarf is today likely to be set near beneath the face all-the-way to another side. As you favor, the hijab can be pinned below your hearing or on the the top. Nevertheless it is not difficult to keep the appearance that is tidy by pinning hijab at the rear of the head.

Mona Hijab

That is new kind of Hijab is readily accessible internet hijab shops. It looks better and is easy to wear and comes at a cost that is reasonable. It comprises of a single piece stretch stuff using a headband attached. All you need to do is to place that hijab on your own heard, you are going to find it drop easily and normally around your head. You just have to cover it once making it simpler and faster that you incomparable excursion. Here also, you have an option to possibly back of your mind, what you may sense not unsuitable or compare it on front.

Turban Hijab

This really is one of the modern manner of wearing hijabs. The approach deliver its edges back to the entrance and involves braiding ends of the hijab on back of the mind. After that swing throughout your head and you have to fold the scarves. Visual videos can be watched by you on youtube.com for clear illustration of the process. Amira is the great for Turban Style hijab available in different hijabs online stores.


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Cheap Umrah Package

Cheap Umrah Packages for 2016

All Muslims have an extremely strong desire to go to the sacred places Mecca and Medina for once in their own life. People usually go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and hajj. Hajj is done during last month of year while Umrah may be done at any given time of the entire year. There’s absolutely no time constraint. As it doesn’t involve the hard requirements of staying in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa Umrah can be much easier than Hajj.

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In addition, there are several other distinctions between execution of Umrah and Hajj. It is now considerably less difficult to perform these rites with intro of hajj packages by travel companies. Before, people had to make all plans themselves from flight reservations to hotel booking. As a result of this facility of bundles, pilgrims vacation without any pressure of lodging, flights, transport and luggage with freemind.

Umrah Packages 2016

Here are a few really helpful Umrah hints that are definitely going to create your pilgrim cozy and easier:

? IIt is not unnecessary for every pilgrim to get the data about opinions of ihram. The rules are easy and fairly simple to recall but nevertheless often-ignored by individuals. So it is not worse to get some unscented cleansers along for your comfort, you will need to take care never to use any scent in-state of ihram. Men aren’t permitted to cover their mind instate of ihram, so you have to be careful to not do so even when you get irritated by the intense sun.

? It’s notable to be aware of the climate of Medina and Mecca to help you make the required arrangements regarding your clothes to match the climate. You have to be ready for mild summer and winter in the exact same time as climate of mecca is notably different from each other. You may experience 80-90 degrees and get welcomed by 60- 70s in Medina. Additionally, it is some extra cool during Fajer prayers. So it’s strongly suggested to accompany the cold-weather to be dealt with by some clothes that are comfortable also to avert any illness which could ruin all of your occasion.

? Try and take all medicines that are average . Luckily, in case you don’t get ill, these medicines may not be useless for other member of your group. Request your travel agent about the medications permitted to be obtained along with you.

? If you’re supposed to follow your family on you, then ask travel agent to get you a different space for the family so that you’ll have a comfy accommodation.

? People who select to be stuck in space that is quadruple or double rooms, must be careful to take good care of the privacy of other. They shouldn’t snatch bags anytime while others that are bothering and should never use cellphone with louder voice.

? It is not bad to to create a supplementary garments for ihram the one you’re wearing get dirty or torn.

? Bring some of sunglasses since it gets extremely bright and warm through the evening in Haram if you are feeling uneasy to check around in sun light.

? If you are really so enthusiastic to kiss the Black Stone, then you definitely may try and enter into the queue 15-20 moments. The folks pushing desire to get apart to make preparations for Salah s O line goes quickly.

? Take care when you select your journey agency. Seek aid of those who have performed Umrah and Hajj earlier.

? Using direct flights to Medina is better than going to Jeddah and that means you can directly visit the Holy tomb of beloved Prophet (peace be up on him). In addition, it minimizes the trip since in case you go to Jeddah, then you must to journey to to Medina by route.

? It really is highly accentuated not to choose the indirect flights because there is certainly an opportunity that you will be tired before you get to your location and can’t head to visit the holy places as you make it happen.


Hajj: A Basic Pillar of Islam

The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. These pillars are the fundamental (basic) rituals (prayers and other religious practices), and they make up the individual’s faith. The Shahada is the first pillar that means affirmation of the absolute oneness of Allah and of the fact that Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) is His servant and messenger. Salah is the second pillar of the faith, it means the performance of the prayers in the set manner. Zakat forms the third pillar of the faith, it means ‘purification’ as the Muslim who pays 2.50% of his total savings and assets (property and funds) to the needy each year, thus, purifies his wealth and himself. Siyam, the fast is the fourth pillar, and, as we know, the whole month of Ramadan is devoted to it. The Hajj, the fifth pillar, is the last of the devotional stages of Muslim in his relationship with God.


The Hajj is, in another sense, the highest point (culmination) of all the prayers and religious ceremonies that bring the believer closest to the God. Ceremoniously, it involves five rites that a pilgrim has to perform. Namely, the tawwaf, the circumambulation, (going round and about it), the Sai, the trekking (making a long hard walk) back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah, the Waquf or the standing at Arafat; the udhiya or the ritual of sacrifice; The jamarat or the stoning of the devil. These rites are performed in Mecca and its surroundings. Up to 180 to 260 KM on all sides. As the Kabba lies at the center of Mecca, the five rites performed here stand for the central belief of Islam. For example, the tawwaf is the faithful’s clear admission and affirmation of his complete to submission to the center, to the House of God and to God Himself. The rituals, varying a special garment by all pilgrims, represent unity and humbleness. Without much hair on the head, and wearing a lose sheet of cloth, the pilgrim moves steadily onwards.


The Hajj provides the supreme spiritual experience when the pilgrim enters the Haram, the Holy Mosque, and stands before the Kaabah. The Kaabah represents man’s submissiveness to God. It is the House of God, and it belongs to all history. It is a living link between the other world and this. The pilgrim feels the greatness and glory of God Almighty in its silent and simple structure. He feels supremely satisfied in paying respects to this holiest of shrines, and carries with him an experience of closeness to God for the rest of his life.

To feel this great sense of spirituality and nearness to Allah, choose from HP to prepare for your journey to Mecca.

Hajj Packages 2016

Choosing a Hajj Package

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It presents a unique opportunity you should avail to be able to reconcile with God and to hunt for His forgiveness. This helps you to make a new start in life. Hajj can also be once in a lifetime experience because not everyone can afford to visit Mecca and perform Hajj.


If you are planning to join the millions of pilgrims who are going to perform annual Hajj in Mecca, you can find many suitable Hajj packages around. There are a number of things which are essential to consider to find the most appropriate Hajj Packages.

Initially, check the companies offered by various travel agencies on the internet. Look carefully through companies which provide multiple services. Usually, they offer to make all the travel arrangements for you. This includes your lodging in the motels which are located in Mecca and Medina, aviation bookings and your departure. They may also inform you if there are special airfares which help to lower the costs and reduce the amount you spend on your Hajj packages.

Next, examine the extra bonus provided by each of these Hajj packages. For example, some packages come with a lot of extra services to make your pilgrimage as smooth and fast as possible. They provide suggestions to make preparations for Hajj earlier than your departure, the paperwork which you need to do, the items you need to take with you and which are not allowed on the plane from international airlines and many more.


Each package is unique and you definitely get confused while trying to find the package affordable and suitable for you.
Often, most of the packages include a lot of things like they arrange all the meals during your rites of Hajj, accommodation, flights for departure and arrival.They also organize lessons to improve the understanding of Hajj. These lessons are usually carried out by people who are highly certified and have a variety of skills in dealing with Hajj and on most other associated subjects.

It is very important to choose a Hajj package 2016 offered by a reliable agency to have a successful and trouble-free Hajj pilgrimage. Your package must allow you to complete your duty safely and without undue stress. Hajj packages vary in price and services. It ranges from budget Hajj packages to prestigious Hajj packages. Make sure you select a package offered by people who are very responsible. There are many online portals where you can find different HP 2016 and you can compare them.You have to choose the one which suits you the best.